AfSIS DB is a web-based data portal for storing and managing raw soil chemistry data as measured from laboratory machinery. It serves as a lightweight laboratory information management system (LIMS) for participating labs. It was created for the Africa Soil Information Service (AfSIS), which built protocols and technologies for systematically cataloguing the soils and landscapes of Africa, and which has built the world’s largest repository of publicly available data about African soils.

Downloading Data

If you are a researcher looking for data, there is a new, more sustainable way to get it. Thanks to the gracious support of Amazon and collaboration efforts from all of our partners, we are very happy to announce that curated data from AfSIS is now available through the Registry of Open Data at AWS (RODA).

Get Curated AfSIS Data From AWS

This is a selective platform where datasets judged to be of high value to humanity as a public good, such as Landsat and Sentinel-2, are agreed by Amazon to be hosted ad infinitum for public dissemination. Consequently, you can now download curated data from the AfSIS project at the S3 bucket:


which contains georeferenced and paired wet and dry soil chemistry data. Scientists and outside institutions are welcome to remix this primary source data however they like. We plan to add more data to this bucket from the last phase of the AfSIS project in the near future.

Storing, Uploading, and Managing Data

If you are managing a lab and need much more than just the data access described above, then AfSIS DB can serve as a lightweight LIMS in the cloud for your needs. Below are a few screenshots of the internal functionality in AfSIS DB. We also provide video tutorials (link 1, link 2) and computational notebooks demonstrating how to interact with AfSIS DB.

  • 1. Add Data

    Store soil samples in the cloud Store soil samples in the cloud
  • 2. Administrate

    Search, edit and share your data Search, edit and share your data
  • 3. Export

    Easily export to Excel Easily export to Excel
  • 4. API

    API for data analysts API for data analysts

If these kinds of features are of interest, or you just need more updated data than what is currently available at the RODA, please send us an access request and we will be happy to get back to you.

Request access to AfSIS DB


AfSIS has been an enormous undertaking made possible through the joint efforts of many organizations. The people involved with this project include not only analytical chemists and soil scientists in laboratories, but also intrepid field crews that have traversed deserts and scaled mountains under the hot sun to extract soils out of the ground, in pursuit of science. Below is an incomplete list of organizations that have contributed data to this archive. We thank all our partners for their tireless contributions to the AfSIS project.

  • Africa Soil Information Service (AfSIS)
  • Government of Tanzania
  • World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF)
  • The Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN)
  • Rothamsted Research
  • Quantitative Engineering Design (QED)